A Donda Va Ella

A Donde Va Ella bicycle burlap artwork captures the flowing release of a simply bicycle ride. An original artwork captured from a self-portrait of the artist riding away on her Schwinn Corvette bicycle: Where is she going?

A Donde Va Ella was one of the first colored Coffee Art Prints by Megan Morgan debuted at the 2012 Park City Kimball Art Festival (Park City, UT).  The delicate hand-cut stencil was hand applied to a re-purposed burlap coffee bag ‘canvas’ creating the uniquely warm & tactile artwork. Megan created a hand cut mylar stencil of her A Donde Va Ella artwork using an electric stencil cutting tool – while more durable than the Bottecchia paper stencil it remained fairly fragile, especially within the finer detail elements of the artwork. The final A Donde Va Ella artwork template was laid upon a repurposed coffee bag to allow Megan to transfer the monochromatic artwork with an earthy brown spray paint directly to the burlap canvas. Megan then applied the red colored background highlight for this particular artwork.

A Donde Va Ella proved to be a very popular original burlap print artwork for Megan at the 2012 Park City Kimball Art Festival – leading to a publishing contract for original bicycle and flower burlap artworks and further development for Megan’s oil pastel on burlap artwork collection. Jump over to the Park City Kimball Arts Festival website for upcoming festival details.

BUY NOW Online Store to purchase our last remaining A Donde Va Ella bicycle burlap artwork print – the original artwork template was destroyed several years ago.