Antennas Up II (SOLD)

Megan’s original butterfly tusche wash painting artwork, Antennas Up II, features the multicolored and patterned butterfly through the wet application technique to create unique blends and textures of splended natural color patterns.

The name of this piece came to me as I watched the new series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” – series 1 and 2. I enjoy the savvy writing and witty characters. I noticed Midge and Susie use the phrase ‘Tits Up’ when Midge would take the stage to perform. I was not familiar with it, so I Googled it. ‘Tits Up’ was in common usage in the British Armed Forces, post WW2. It’s use meant ‘complete failure’ (e.g. “the HF radio is tits up”), and was apocryphally ascribed to drowned female bodies floating ‘tits up’ whereas male bodies float face down. So I was intrigued how it was used for this show, but felt I understood it and wanted to interpret it in my own visual way.

I can relate to the feeling of figuratively “going on stage” without anything to lose – laying it all on the line, and really just going for it in life. Feeling the reigns in your hands, even though you have all these doubts, and voices inside yourself that make you feel like…am I seriously going to do this? Feeling dead, alive, excited, exhausted, nervous, overwhelmed, ready and confident against all odds. Feeling like it’s your time, you’ve been down so many roads, why not now, why now today? I’m ready, now! So…

Antennas Up!

-Megan Morgan

I created two Antennas Up original tusche wash painting artworks with both selling to private collectors: Antennas Up (May 2019) and Antennas Up II (July 2019).

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