Banyan Tree (SOLD)

Megan’s original banyan tree tusche wash painting artwork, Banyan Tree, features a free flowing tranquil banyan tree image in shades of ocean blue and green along the Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our family spent hours every day simply relaxing reflectively underneath the large canopy of the Banyan Tree at Waikiki beach.

I instantly felt a liquidy translation of the Hawaiin banyan trees with so many aerial prop roots dripping underneath their expansive canopies. The banyan trees felt so tactile with an invitiation to climb within their prop root structures or simply enjoy contmeplative relaxation next to the mediative breaking waves along Waikiki Beach.

-Megan Morgan

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The banyan tree is native to India and was introduced to the Hawaiian islands as a gift in the late 1800’s. First planted on Maui, banyan trees have become an immersive experience throughout the Hawaiian islands – read more on the history of Banyan Trees in Hawaii on Wikipedia.