Megan’s Ottavio Bottecchia artwork features the acclaimed professional cyclist of the early 1920’s – the first Italian winner of the Tour de France.  Bottecchia’s career was unfortunately cut-short due to his mysterious death while training in 1927. We are left to wonder of the missed achievements through Bottecchia’s racing career as one of cycling’s early legends.

Bottecchia was the VERY FIRST Coffee Art Print by Megan Morgan debuted in Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2009.  The delicate hand-cut stencil was hand applied to a re-purposed burlap coffee bag canvas creating the uniquely warm & tactile artwork. Megan created a hand cut paper stencil of her Bottecchia artwork that proved to be extremely fragile, especially within the finer detail elements of the artwork. The final paper Bottecchia artwork was laid upon a repurposed coffee bag to allow Megan to transfer the monochromatic artwork with an earthy brown spray paint directly to the burlap canvas. The paper stencil of the Bottecchia artwork proved so delicate that it quickly became unworkable and forced Megan to source a new mylar stencil sheet for new burlap print artworks.

BUY NOW Online Store to purchase one of our last remaining Bottecchia burlap prints – the original Ottavio Bottecchia artwork template was destroyed several years ago.

If you have read this far, you probably already have some knowledge of Bottecchia’s story – Wikipedia provides a great write-up on his accomplishments and life 1894-1927.