Coexist (SOLD)

Megan’s original dragonfly diptych tusche wash painting artwork, Coexist, juxtaposes the wings of a dragonfly with the body lost in the negative space of the panels. The balanced artwork of monochromatic liquidy lines requires the mind to create a balance in the presentation – even without the dragonfly body we can interpret the dragonfly within the diptych presentation.

I began Coexist painting lines and exploring how they divide and connect. Lines are difficult to achieve within my wet tusche wash painting technique – creating a formidable challenge for this artwork to fluidly highlight the delicate structures of a dragonfly’s wings. As a diptych presentation, the artwork symbolizes the question, “How do we peacefully coexist?”

-Megan Morgan

Coexist was accepted and displayed August 2019 within the juried “Lines” art show at R Gallery in Boulder, Colorado.

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Coexist creates an intriguing presentation in monochromatic splendor of only the wings – ignoring the multicolored irredescense of a dragonfly. Dragonflies are agile flyers and predators within the summer landscape and a favored subject matter within hishtoric artworks  – jump over to Wikipedia for a fascinating read on the Dragonfly.