Megan’s original butterfly wing tusche wash painting artwork, Drained, symbolizes the emotional drain experienced through cold & wet wintery weather on the human phsyche witihin the fluid pigment application seemingly flowing out of the blue butterfly artwork.

I created this piece after experiencing several rainy days. This cold, dark weather wears on me. It depletes my energy levels, and it creates sleepiness as I feel myself seeping down long endless roads only to eventually trickle slowly into gutters. As I settle myself into pools, I realize I’m recollecting my mind, my thoughts, and my breath again.

I realize it’s ok to succumb to this feeling of Drained and to remember to take care of myself – not just for me, but for everyone in my life.

-Megan Morgan

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Megan has created several tusche wash paintings featuring the magnificent blue and black colorations of the famed “Mountain Blue” of the Ulysses Butterfly. Jump over to Wikipedia for a fascinating read on the science and lore of the Papilio Ulysses.