Megan’s original butterfly wing tusche wash painting artwork, Espy, features the peek-a-boo face peering out within the highlighted pattern and color details of the Yellow Swallowtail butterfly wing.

As I worked on the Yellow Swallowtail butterfly piece, I noticed a little face staring back at me, as if it was shyly watching me while I worked. I decided to enlarge the small section of the butterfly’s wing and paint only this small portion. I really enjoy the separation of color in this piece because it is so primary (simply yellow, blue and red) in all the right places.

I titled this piece Espy because this little section literally caught my eye. I love how it looks like someone peering around a corner. It can be a mask or a small child’s face, it can be interpreted as a glance of curiosity or a glimpse of fear around a door. It can have its own meaning to any viewer…what do you Espy?

-Megan Morgan

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