Evan Colbert Poster

In college, another artist asked me to collaborate within an art show promotion poster for Evan Colbert’s upcoming show at Denver’s Pirate Gallery . I created the illustration and he added the type over the imagery with the print designed to be cut in half vertically for placement on street posts throughout Denver.

The prints were created using black copy toner powder in an on-the-spot lighograph process created with the help of a master printer who just happened to be in the studio observing our unorthodox pursuits.  It actually worked!

While attending a party in an artist’s downtown loft, I was delighted to discover one vertical poster halves displayed on his wall; he had taken it from a Denver street post. He was blown-away when I explained that I created the promo poster print and that one of the full artist proofs was hanging on my own wall.  He didn’t believe me!

I created my dry tusche wash painting process in an effort to re-create the artist affects disvoered within our impromptu use of black copy toner within the original 1995 lithograph art show promotion poster.

Evan Colbert is an accomplished artist living in Longmont, Colorado – click over to the Evan Colbert website to see his latest fine artworks.

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