Megan created a tusche wash painting titled “ Give” inspired by the film “Gather” for an art exhibition presented by RGallery in Boulder,CO. Selected Colorado artists were asked to create work inspired by films for the Flatirons Food Film Fest (exhibit was held Jan.20-Feb.21, 2020)
The film “Gather” illustrates how important it is for Indigenous Americans to obtain sovereignty over their food systems. Many questions surfaced as I watched this film. How can their path to better health become more fluid? What changes can be made today so Indigenous Americans can gain control over their Native agriculture and food systems?

“I explored these thoughts in my artwork titled “Give”. Six colorful hands form a circular shape within a riverbed. The soft brushstrokes link the hands together creating a fluid motion throughout the piece. I think solutions will open up as more films like this one are created. The stories in “Gather” are important to watch and learn how food can reconnect us to one another.” -Megan Morgan

‘Gather’ Film Showcases the Revitalization of Native Food Sovereignty.

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