Megan’s original butterfly tusche wash painting art, Marcada, symbolizes the marks made within our lives through the intersecting pattern marks to the Yellow Swallowtail butterfly body.

Marcada is the Spanish word for marked and is the concept I focused on while creating this piece. I see marks as relating to our experiences in life, each of us has our own – beautiful, strong, deep or shallow.

As I moved forward from drawing butterflies in their entirety, I narrowed into small, cropped sections. I enjoyed the details on the backside of this Yellow Swallowtail butterfly, and it led me to think about how much our marks have shaped us over time. We are all textured with spots, flecks, smears, blotches and stains that create our individual personalities. They are beautiful, sad, and memorable, I think. They are us and our life.

-Megan Morgan

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The swallowtail butterfly is common throughout Europe, Asia and North America – joining together the old and new worlds within it’s natural splendor. Found as far south as the Arabian Peninsula in Asia, the swallowtail is an agile flier.  Jump to Wikipedia for a fascinating read on the prolific swallowtail butterfly.