Megan’s original oranges display oil pastel on burlap artwork, Naranjas, features a beautiful arrangement of organic tangerines as a showcase of organic orange, blue and green hues. The rich color palette created from the oil pastels on the burley and tactile burlap canvas makes you want to purchase a blue basket of organic tangerines during your next visit to the grocery store. Naranjas is an inspirational artwork showcasing the natural beauty of healthy citrus fruit.

Naranjas is inspired from a visit to our local Whole Foods and their beautiful display of fresh tangerines that grabbed my eye with their amazing color.

– Megan Morgan

Jump over to our Online Store to order reproduction prints from Megan’s original oranges display artwork, Naranjas, as an affordable alternative for your collection – available as small prints (11×14), large prints (18×24), and gallery wrapped canvas prints (24×36).

Our family absolutely loves the intense flavors of a freshly peeled organic orange – regularly purchase oranges, tangerines, and clementines throughout the year as a healthy any-time-of-day snack. Do you remember the tartly sweet flavor of mandarin oranges from a freshly opened can as a childhood snack? While loosely labelled oranges, our family often debates the type of orange within our fruit baskets. Read more on the many varieties of Oranges from Wikipedia.