Red Bicycle

Red Bicycle artwork burlap print captures the simplistic beauty of a classic Schwinn bicycle and freshly cut flowers – everyone wants to ride this flowered bicycle of their youth. Megan discovered the pose of the classic red Schwinn while enjoying an afternoon loitering about along the shops of downtown Crested Butte, Colorado – a small mountain town well known for the popularity of the locals’ townie bicycles.

Red Bicycle was one of the first colored Coffee Art Prints by Megan Morgan debuted at the 2012 Park City Kimball Art Festival (Park City, UT).  The delicate hand-cut stencil was hand applied to a re-purposed burlap coffee bag ‘canvas’ creating the uniquely warm & tactile artwork. Megan created a hand cut mylar stencil of her Red Bicycle artwork using an electric stencil cutting tool – while more durable than the Bottecchia paper stencil it remained fairly fragile, especially within the finer detail elements of the artwork. The final Red Bicycle artwork template was laid upon a repurposed coffee bag to allow Megan to transfer the monochromatic artwork with an earthy brown spray paint directly to the burlap canvas. Script was applied for special art festival productions of Red Bicycle as Steamboat Springs, Crested Butte, and Park City.

BUY NOW Online Store to purchase our last remaining Red Bicycle artwork burlap prints – the original artwork template was destroyed several years ago.

Steamboat Springs has become “Bike Town USA” with miles of friendly bike paths and easy access connecting both downtown Steamboat Springs and the mountain village at the ski resort. Check out Steamboat Springs, Colorado for your next Colorado mountain adventures on a bicycle.