Shane (SOLD)

Megan’s original bearded man tusche wash painting artwork, Shane, features the boldly bearded man staring off to the distant high mountain horizon within the shimmering golden aspen leaves of fall in the Rockies. Created as a commissioned portrait for a fellow-artist friend, Shane is known by his hoosier family as the ‘bearded wonder’ living in the Colorado high country.

As I experiment more and more with my tusche wash medium, I find I enjoy brushing it dry onto the smooth silky surface of my pronto plates. It floats across the surface and erratically lands in places I had not intended. It feels like I’m drawing with confectioner’s sugar. I have to be extremely careful when I draw with it, because a wind gust or nudge of my plate can alter my art. It is very difficult to use, but I enjoy the uncomfortable feeling I get when I draw with this medium. The marks are not perfect, the tusche wash is unpredictable and I never truly know what I’ll be able to achieve. This medium allows me to go beyond my initial visions and expectations.

I enjoy painting people, and was inspired by the recent change of colors this fall. For this portrait, I painted the tusche wash dry and wet. The dry tusche gives the facial features a bold textured expression. The wet tusche captures the weathery cold feeling of fall. The piece feels balanced in the mixtures of tusche wash applications and color choices. Yellow tends to add warmth to a painting, but in this case the wet tusche wash creates the chilly fall atmosphere.

-Megan Morgan

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The ‘bearded man’ is a common subject within art throughout history and within many cultures worldwide. The beard symbolizes many different male traits in various cultures – virility, strength, and dogma of many religiions. Jump over to Wikipedia for a quick read on the history and cultures of The Beard.