Turbin (SOLD)

Megan’s original laying horse oil pastel on burlap artwork, Turbin, features a white horse laying in the crispy cool lighting of a Colorado winter day. The image conveys a knowing comfort despite the cool conditions – an expression of tranquility in surviving the harsh cold of winter for the coming warmer days of spring sunshine. With a beautifully white thick winter coat, Turbin lies comfortably while warming within a brief burst of sunshine – reflecting the light purple tones on an overcast winter day. Turbin was the long-time horse of Megan’s personal friend – with the image captured from a private pasture  in the high mountains near Nederland, Colorado.

Turbin oil pastel on burlap fine artwork sold to a private collector May 2018.

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White horses are a popular subject in fine artwork dating back thousands of years – a nearly universal presentation within cultures around the world. The white horse can symbolize heroes, the savior from Revlations in the Bible, fertility, or simply possessing extraordinary abilities such as the wings of Pegasus. Click over to Wikipedia to read more on White Horse Mythology throughout many cultures around the world.