Ulysses Butterfly Expressionistic

CHANGE… it is the muse of my butterfly images. This last year, I’ve working in a medium that I enjoyed experimenting with in college in 1995. I was asked by a classmate to illustrate the face of his artist friend for a an art show poster. The artist is a lithographer, and I was enrolled lithography class that semester. I created the third image on this page and fell deeply in love with this form of art. After creating this poster, I soon graduated from college and was not able to afford to get into lithography right away due to student loans, and the cost of lithography alone. So I put my mind and love on pause until last year. I’ve being researching alternative printmaking methods over the years and stumbled upon pronto plates. I felt like I had a breakthrough moment when I read that you can prepare an image for printing by printing an image through a laser jet printer – Ah! Ha! – I can revisit my the copier toner tusche wash method. As I started to work, I found I had to change, adapt, and break some rules of how to process the pronto plates for printmaking. Soon, I took off on my own journey of experimentation again, adapted my new method of creating images with this medium, and now paint my images with my tusche wash into pronto plates by hand. Each piece is an original work of art, not a print or duplicate. I photograph my originals, so I can sell prints at any size as an affordable art solution.

The two blue butterflies pictured in this post represent my emotions of tranquility and frustration, both can be beautiful in their expression and both are how we all can feel at times.

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