During the COVID pandemic, people drastically changed the way they work, live, and use the earth’s resources. Friendships have been frayed, family ties have been broken, and the seams of workplaces have been ripped over politics, climate change, religion, and daily choices. The fabric of humanity has been reshaped in waves with unforeseen consequences.

Megan feels we can human better if we can see each other. If we can see each other, our abilities to work together can grow exponentially. She created a large-scale titled “WAVES” so people could experience an ocean of humanity. The artwork measures 88” x 270” and there are over 500 printed human forms with Akua Ink onto muslin fabric. Megan bound a book of monoprints, one of each human form in the artwork “WAVES”, for viewers to participate and answer her question,  “How do we human better?”

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