Yellow Swallowtail (SOLD)

Original butterfly tusche wash painting artwork, Yellow Swallowtail, created within a multilayered powdery dry pigment process as I embraced changes within my artwork – both technique and subject.

Embracing the hope for change and peace, butterflies are symbollic of change at a time when I was exploring new subject matter within my dry tusche wash painting technique. It seemed too easy to simply drop powdery tusche wash pigment creating an abstract image, I chose the extremely difficult adventure to create the fine details created naturally within the yellow swallowtail butterfly.

-Megan Morgan

Megan’s Yellow Swallowtail tusche wash painting fine artwork sold to a private collector July 2019 in Louisville, Colorado by Creative Framing & Gallery.

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The swallowtail butterfly is common throughout Europe, Asia and North America – joining together the old and new worlds within it’s natural splendor. Found as far south as the Arabian Peninsula in Asia, the swallowtail is an agile flier.  Jump to Wikipedia for a fascinating read on the prolific swallowtail butterfly.