Megan’s original daydream sun tusche wash painting artwork, Ensueno, features a free flowing meditative sun image in swirling shades of warm red, orange and yellow. Ensueno is an early ‘super-wet’ tusche wash paintings – dramatically increasing Megan’s difficulty to control the blending of colors and layering.

I painted this piece in celebration of what I enjoy doing the most…painting daydreams. Where ever I am, my mind wanders. It doesn’t take much… a chirpily muttered phrase, a glimmer of light on a dusty surface, or a twisty smile with a crooked neck that invites my attention into its space. My mind switches on the projector within my imagination, and I begin to reinterpret what I’m sensing. I very much enjoy being in this space for as long as I’m allowed, and to paint a daydream.

-Megan Morgan

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Daydreams are a loose wandering of the mind in a stream of conscious thought creating a brief escape from our immediately pressing tasks – a loosely controlled experience of the tranquil mind. Wikipedia provides a great read on the Daydream – functions, phsychology, and the dissociative pathway.

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