(doormat, house paint, welcome cards)

Climate change looms at the threshold of every doorstep. This artwork encourages viewers to contemplate the threat or solution it represents. A symbolic element—a card under the doormat—extends a welcome, prompting reflection on individual contributions to addressing pressing issues. This interaction inspires reflection on the interconnectedness of our choices and their consequences. The card reads:

“Congratulations on your new home! May the warmth of your new space be a reflection of the positive changes we can make for our planet. As you settle into your cozy abode, let’s also remember the bigger picture – our shared responsibility to care for our Earth. Just as your home is a haven for you, let’s strive to make our planet a welcoming home for generations to come. Here’s to creating a sustainable and eco-friendly haven that contributes to a healthier and happier world. Cheers to your new beginning and a future filled with mindful choices for the benefit of our beautiful home, Earth!”

30″ x 17″ repurposed coir dormat with traffic paint, $495

Twenty hand-pressed, handwritten monoprint cards, $20 each

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