Breathe Notecard


2020 Tusche Wash Painting by Megan Morgan
5″ W x 7″ H on 110lb card stock with white envelope
Blank Interior

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Megan’s breathe artwork notecard, Breathe, reflects an image of peaceful meditation within the silhouette of three trees in the early Spring of Colorado. Created during the early weeks of our family’s personal #StayAtHome social distancing during the COVID19 pandemic.

Let us all take a moment today to focus on what it means to breathe. As I stare outside the window, I watch three beautiful trees change with every passing day. It is spring, a time when our world emerges from its wintery slumber and slowly awakens. Soon, I will go outside to clear the leaves and debris that has collected in my flower beds and garden. We will turn the earth over and allow the ground to open up, preparing it to receive nutrients again.

I have so much time now, as I stand and frustratingly watch the buds grow. At times, I want to break out of my home, run into streets, and offer my assistance to anyone in need. But this kind of action comes with great risk: to myself, to my family, and anyone I would help. With so much time and ability at my fingertips, I’ve never felt so discouraged.

I remind myself that I am doing my part (we are doing our part) to save lives by stopping the spread. As I physically distance myself from friends, family, and coworkers; I remind myself that this is temporary. We can be strong through this, even though it goes against our nature to help in other ways.

-Megan Morgan

Megan’s Breathe notecard tusche wash painting can be framed as a great long-lasting gift for the art lovers in your life.  Artwork notecards are a premum gift that you carefully sourced and selected just for them.

Jump to the Fine Artwork website for additional inspiraiton and details for Megan’s Breathe 2020 original fine artwork – currently available at $1,295 for your collection – contact the studio directly regarding original fine artworks.

Meditation – dating back to antiquity – uses mindfulness to focus the mind toward a clear and emotionally calm & stable state, often as a path toward enlightenment. Wikipedia provides an amazing review of Meditation throughout many cultures over the course of our history.


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