Crow Notecard


2020 Tusche Wash Painting by Megan Morgan
7″ W x 5″ H on 110lb card stock with white envelope
Blank Interior

In stock (can be backordered)

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Crow is one of Megan’s newest tusche wash painting fine artworks created October 2020 to feature in her upcoming show at Valkarie Gallery in Lakewood, Colorado (January 2021 ).

With the trees losing their leaves in the cool October air and the song birds departed for warmer climates, Colorado’s crows become prominent watchers upon their bare limbed Colorado perches. Their familiar caws now carry throughout our neighborhood from the tree tops while we walk along enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sunshine.

Going dark into the details. Sometimes working upside down. Adding more to the tushe wash of the image – small streaks, smudges, pushing & pulling on details

-Megan Morgan

The back of the card reads “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering. – Brandon Lee

Crow tusche wash painting artwork notecard  can be framed as a great long-lasting premium gift – carefully sourced and selected just for the art lovers in your life.

Jump across to the Megan’s fine artworks website to see the original Crow 2020 tusche wash painting details.


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